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Velocity Mobility App install and start:


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Start cycling

  1. Download the App and register .
  2. Select a bike in the app. Go to the station. Click on "Start rental" and pull the bike out of the station. Enjoy the ride!
  3. Return the bike at any Velocity station by pushing it into a free parking slot. Then end the rental in the app.

Click here and register. Then download the "Velocity Mobility" sharing app and you're ready to go!


Make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is turned off and your bluetooth is activated. Stand next to your selected bike and start the rental process by clicking on "Start rental" > Accept terms of use > "Open bike". 

Watch our video!

As soon as your rental starts in the app and the LED is blinking, the lock in the parking space opens. You will hear a clicking sound. The bike can now be pulled out with a gentle swing. 
If the bike is not unlocked, call our customer service. We are always available and can help you directly from a distance!

Rental can only be terminated when the bike is parked safely in the green parking space of a charging station. Make sure that the bike is firmly closed (Notice: the lock of the Cargo-Bike must be must closed manually) in the slot and the station has locked the bike.


Return the bike to a Velocity station and end the rental process via the app.Let us know what damage you have noticed by means of a booking review. Every user is entitled to this inspection (see GTC) and will not be charged, i.e. we will credit the rental fee back to you. 

Call our customer service (0271 22298130). We will help you immediately!

Return the bike to a Velocity station and end the rental process via the app. Let us know what damage you noticed by leaving a booking review. Thank you for your attention!


We charge based on time, you can find an overview here!

You will receive the invoice as a collective invoice at the end of the month.

Send us an e-mail ( with your questions and ideally the invoice number. We will get back to you! 

Important: Phone requests about invoices can only be answered during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 08.00 to 18.00)!


Do you have a question about our rental system? Let us help!

Have a look at our FAQs in advance. We have summarised the most relevant questions about the rental process here.