Offer for business clients

Pedelecs play a major role in company mobility of the future.
The use of Pedelecs not only contributes to improving the environmental balance of your company and the health of your employees, you can also effectively reduce your mobility costs and the number of car parking spaces. In many cases, your employees can reach their destination faster with Pedelecs than with other means of transport, so that they can use their working time more productively.

Advantages for companies

Contribution to emission prevention

Cost reduction for business trips

Ccontribution to health protection

Attractiveness for employees

Flexible connections

Saving parking spaces

Service offer

Station sponsorship

A station sponsorship includes the installation of a station at your location, the right to determine the name of the station as well as an individually applicable quota for the use of the Pedelecs.  A station sponsorship ensures a sustainable mobility offer and is a strong commitment to environmentally friendly mobility. At the same time, a Velocity station at your location increases accessibility for employees and business partners.

Usage credit

After purchasing credit to use the Pedelecs, you can rent our vehicles at any Velocity station and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Use for business trips by employees
  • Passing on credit to your employees for their journeys to work and private journeys
  • Provision as a one-off ticket or voucher for customers or business partners

Advertising space

Our Pedelec advertising is the mobile outdoor advertising medium with which you achieve many contact points and actively interact with customers at the same time. With your individual design, you spread your message throughout the city and benefit from the sustainable image associated with Pedelec-Sharing. The advertising spaces visible in periurban life constantly reach new target groups and increase your brand awareness.


Velocity is realised through the commitment of many strong partners. 


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